New Low-Cost Non-Intrusive Heat Flux and Corrosion Monitors

These stand-alone units are designed for heat flux and corrosion monitoring at point locations on boiler membrane walls and other industrial applications. They use the principle of electrical resistance measurement to accurately determine the real heat flux and any loss-in-thickness (corrosion or erosion) of heat transfer surfaces.

Non-intrusive sensors are simply welded to external tube walls as opposed to intrusive heat flux probes which require tube removal and replacement.

Straight-forward installation, multiple interface options with plant information systems.

Prices starting from £3500 GBP

AHF Enclosure under Test
AHF Enclosure under Test
Finite Element Model of Tube Wall Heat Flow – Supercritical Boiler
Finite Element Model of Tube Wall Heat Flow – Supercritical Boiler

Welcome to Rowan Technologies

Rowan Technologies Ltd, established in 1991, provides a diverse range of services and systems related to engineering material performance, monitoring, integrity and preservation. The company’s expertise ranges from industrial plant integrity and performance, including corrosion and thermal monitoring, to historic building conservation and cathodic protection systems. Our clients include many major UK and overseas companies.

Industrial Monitoring

We design and supply a range of systems for monitoring both the integrity (corrosion, erosion and cracking) and thermal behaviour of industrial plants. Our scanner technology, designed to monitor and map large areas of plant such as boiler walls, has been used in power generation plant since 1999. New in 2015, 'mini-scanners' now complement these larger systems and are designed for smaller monitoring areas. Also introduced in 2015 are our new heat flux monitors, designed for precision monitoring at point locations.

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Protection & Conservation

We provide services and systems for corrosion risk assessment, prevention and control, and specialise in the design and supply of cathodic protection systems to inhibit the corrosion of embedded metalwork in masonry and concrete. As advisers to English Heritage, we have extensive experience in the preservation and conservation of historic structures, including some of the UK’s best known buildings.

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Services and R&D

Services include consultancy, failure analysis and environmental monitoring and we have (or have access to) a wide range of analytical instrumentation, measurement and test facilities. We have received a number of technical awards for our research and development activities: our development projects include ceramic thermocouples, ideally suited to high temperature (greater than 1500°C) and highly corrosive environments.

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